Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at Children’s Square U.S.A.’s Residential Treatment Program

Serving children for over 133 years, the Christian Home Association – Children’s Square U.S.A. uses a holistic care approach. This includes addressing the spiritual needs of our children in residential treatment. Participation in the campus based Christian worship program is voluntary and with parental permission.

Questions such Who are we?  What is our purpose in life? … Can best be answered on a spiritual level.  A self indulgent or decadent lifestyle can lead to psychological disorders for some. (from the Association of Natural Psychology)

Rooted in Judeo – Christian beliefs, the faith-based traditions and practices of the Spiritual Life program are predominately non-denominational Christian based.  Children of other faiths are assisted in forming connections with others of their faith in order to practice their beliefs.

Program activities include:

  • On-campus non-denominational opportunities to worship and grow in Christian faith.
  • Opportunities to attend worship services in the community.
  • Faith-based activities in the community
  • Community and service learning activities.
  • Individual and small group mentoring.

Participation in any aspect of the spiritual life program is voluntary.

Major Components of the Spiritual Life Program Include:

Youth Bible Study

This on-campus opportunity for youth in the residential program to worship and grow in the Christian faith is offered weekly.  Activities include praise and worship, large group lessons, small group Bible studies, fellowship and other special activities.


Youth who wish to learn and grow in their faith are connected to a mentor. The volunteer mentor meets individually with a child weekly and provides friendship and helps the child build relationship skills.   The mentor program features Biblical teaching, sincere care and prayer support for the child, and his or her specific spiritual needs.

Community & Service Learning Activities

“Hands on” experiences expose students to the need of helping others and the joy which comes from doing so. Students also have the option to participate in local events such as Sunday morning services, concerts, Vacation Bible School, and other events.

We Need Volunteers!

We are looking for caring mission oriented people who feel called to be part of this program.  The program thrives on prayer, volunteers and financial support.

If you would like information on how to become a volunteer with Spiritual Life please call (712) 325-5869

The volunteer application form is accessed here

Volunteer Application

Children who do not participate in Bible study or worship services have the opportunity to participate in discussion groups that explore values-based living.  Compassion, honesty, reliability are among the many topics children explore.

Participation in the Children’s Square U.S.A. Spiritual Life program is voluntary; parental/guardian permission is required for a child to participate.

The Spiritual Life Program is privately funded.  Checks made out to Children’s Square need to have “Spiritual Life” noted on the memo line in order to be directed to the Spiritual Life Program.  Thank you for your prayers and care.