Residential Education & Treatment

   Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children (PMIC)

Psychiatric Medical Institutions for Children are programs which provide more than twenty-four hours of continuous care involving long-term psychiatric services to children in residence. The expected periods of stay for diagnosis and evaluation are fourteen days or more and for treatment the expected period of stay is ninety days or more.

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Services provide hope and healing to youth and their families in a therapeutically planned living and learning environment. Our goal for the program is to help each child and his or her family heal and build strong relationships with each other.  To this end, each child’s treatment is very individualized and includes individual and family therapy.   pmic photo

Family is essential to treatment and remains the primary support for the child during treatment through family sessions, phone calls, day passes, and home visits.  At Children’s Square, we take a very holistic approach to treatment, and promote wellness through adequate sleep, exercise, nutrition, and structured activities.

Students in the Psychiatric Residential Program are placed in school programs appropriate to their needs. Children’s Square has a school for students with a Level 3 Behavioral IEP (Individualized Education Plan) on our campus. We also collaborate with Council Bluffs Schools and other area schools for placement of our students.  When possible, the student is allowed to attend his or her home school. 


Children’s Square uses staff training andcertifications in evidence-based practices to meet the needs of the students we serve. The Psychiatric Residential Program operates within a Trauma Informed Care Framework.  Certified Youth Workers (staff working directly with children in residences) adhere to a curriculum that focuses on:

  • Relationship Building
  • Developing a Culture of Care
  • Teaching Discipline
  • Understanding Child Development

All program staff are trained in Crisis Intervention, which focuses on de-escalating and safely managing crises. Our staff are trained on the impact of early trauma on the development of the brain, and techniques to use to calm the fight, flight, or freeze responses of traumatized children.



In order to be admitted to PMIC there is an application and screening process, which ensures that community-based services have been utilized before a child is placed in a residential setting.  This process also helps us to determine if Children’s Square is the appropriate placement for your child, and if your child is eligible for admission.  The Psychiatric Residential Program is not able to offer emergency psychiatric treatment.


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