The Children’s Square Crisis Stabilization Residential Services (CSRS) program offers vital short-term crisis care in our Cottonwood Crisis Center on the Children’s Square campus. CSRS focuses on swiftly de-escalating immediate crises in a residential setting while formulating comprehensive, long-term strategies and care plans to minimize the likelihood of future mental health emergencies.

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New mental health safe space opens in Council Bluffs

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Comprehensive Crisis Care from Children’s Square

In conjunction with the Southwest Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services Region, the CSRS program extends intervention and support to children and their families, stabilizing the current situation and facilitating proactive planning for the future. Children’s Square is a leading expert in child and adolescent mental and behavioral health, with over 140 years of service in Southwest Iowa.

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520 North 7th Street Council Bluffs, IA 51503

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The opening of a residential treatment facility at Children’s Square in Council Bluffs provides a new level of treatment for teens and youth dealing with a mental health crisis.

This facility, called Cottonwood, provides these young people with the treatment they need in a home-type setting. Opened this past week, it offers up to six beds and two double rooms plus large, open areas and even a kitchen.

“We are able to have them stay on our campus to up to five days and while they are here they will receive therapy to deescalate the crisis they are in,” said Jonathan Holland, chief program officer for Children’s Square.

During that time, the children will work with a therapist, and other mental health professionals who will come up with a long-term treatment plan to mitigate that crisis, he added.

There is no cost for parents, and they can even stay at the facility with their child — a new opportunity for such residential treatment.

“That’s unique,” added Heather Yenney, a crisis case manager. “It’s a new concept.”

It’s the first one in southwest Iowa, Holland said, adding that the state asked mental health regions to get this type of service up and going. This service is exclusively for Iowa youth and teens, he added.

“It will give families another tool they can access for children in a crisis situation,” he said.

Currently, the program has one referral. Children’s Square hopes to spread the word about this service to local schools and related agencies, Holland said.

It’s part of a program called Crisis Stabilization Residential Services that Children Square officials are excited about.

“Back in March, we opened up our Anywhere Crisis Care which is for youth and teens who are going through a mental health crisis,” Holland said.

Young people in the community are now able to call Children’s Square, and then representatives will go meet them outside of Children’s Square’s campus, he said.

“It could be in the home or wherever and help them work through the crisis they were currently in,” Holland said. “We were building up to the point where we were going to open up our Crisis Stabilization Residential Services.”

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