debbie orduna

Debbie Orduna, President and Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Orduna’s career in the human services field spans more than 25 years.  She has strong expertise and leadership experience that align with the services Children’s Square provides to our community.

Ms. Orduna’s involvement within the human services sector for advocacy and system reform of child welfare, juvenile justice, education and behavioral health at local, state and national levels provides opportunities for Children’s Square, as well as for the children and families served.  Ms. Orduna began her service at Children’s Square in 2020.

Lana Verbrigghe

Lana Verbrigghe, serves as Senior Director of Programs and Services at Children’s Square U.S.A. and oversees the agency’s administration of programming and services.  Ms. Verbrigghe served in a leadership position at Child Saving Institute from 2011 to 2019 as the Director of Child Welfare Services.  Prior to serving the mission of Child Saving Institute, Ms. Verbrigghe worked for the State of Nebraska Health and Human Services for the Division of Children and Family Services for over 9 years.  Ms. Verbrigghe joined Children’s Square U.S.A in 2019 and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge working with children, youth and families in crisis as well as nonprofit management.

Mark Duman

Mark Duman, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Duman has been part of the financial services division of Children’s Square since 1986.  He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and extensive experience with non-profit financials, costs reports, contracts, billing, and funding formulas. 

As Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Duman has primary responsibility for managing the organization’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting. In addition, he is administratively responsible for buildings and grounds, technology, vehicles, equipment, furnishings, purchasing, inventory control and related functions.  He also provides financial services for the Christian Home Association Foundation.  Mr. Duman is a member of the Council Bluffs Downtown Kiwanis Club.

Leslie Wrinkle

Leslie Wrinkle, Human Resources Director, Ms. Wrinkle is responsible for recruitment and retention, employee relations, strategic planning, and more. 


Ms. Wrinkle has more than 20 years experience in human resources and has most recently worked in both education and non-profit settings. She is a member of the Human Resources Association of the Midlands. An active member of the Council Bluffs community, Ms. Wrinkle participates in different clubs that work to promote Council Bluffs and the many opportunities for its citizens.