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Children’s Square U.S.A. in the news!

Children’s Square views campaign as key to future success

Description: The services that Children’s Square offers to the community and a dialogue about staying relevant and growing as an organization.

Children’s Square campaign ‘Tip Off’ set for Friday

Description: Article speaks about the “tip off” event that was held to bring awareness to the Capital Campaign and where the donated money would be used in renovations.

Children’s Square campaign to update outdated facility still short of $9M goal

Description: Discussing the how the Capital Campaign is important in terms of bringing our facilities in line with the modern day and how the pledges are still shy of the set monetary goal.

Children’s Square to unveil new preschool playground

Description: Detailing the preschool playground that was being prepared to be unveiled to the public.

Children’s Square dedicates new playground

Description: Another article giving details on the new playground and its dedication.

Children’s Square U.S.A. is re-accredited

Description: An article going over details of the organization’s re-accrediting and the requirements to obtain it.

Hy-Vee helpful to Children’s Square U.S.A.

Description: Speaks to how Hy-Vee has been a constant and reliable supporter of the organization.

Iowa West Foundation Announces $5.2 Million in Grants to Conclude 2014 Grant Making

Description: Iowa West Foundation released an article speaking about the grants they awarded various non-profit organizations. In the article they mention how Children’s Square is significantly important to the community.

Wellness Bash to offer screenings, information

Description: Article speaking about what’s going to be offered during the 2015 wellness bash.

Drama added to Christian Home Association-Children’s Square U.S.A. Alumni Day

Description: Article explaining precisely what the alumni day is and speaking a little bit about the guest speaker to be featured.